Tranquil Oaks Sober Living features easily accessible living space throughout our beautifully decorated private and common areas.

Laundry Facilities On-Site

Clean room. Clear mind. And a clear mind is an important step towards confidence and sobriety.

High Speed Internet

We provide high speed internet access, as well as, a communal computer and desk, for your online and computing needs.

Central Heating & A/C

Our central heating & air-conditioning provides residents a comfortable climate, helping to maintain a positive attitude.


LA Fitness Membership

Tranquil Oaks Sober Living believes that exercising the body, as well as, the mind, is essential for recovery.

Wheelchair Accessible

It is important to us that all residents have freedom of movement, regardless of any physical handicap.

Pet Friendly

We wouldn't dream of separating someone serious about recovery from their loyal four-legged companion.


Our Goal is to Provide the Best Sober Living Environment

Our sober living house is set up exclusively for men & women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. We strive to provide a clean, secure and inviting living environment, that is drug & alcohol free, at affordable rates, for adults serious about their recovery.

We seek to help residents in long term recovery and encourage individuals to begin taking responsibility for their lives, by promoting abstinence, responsibility and personal accountability.

Our dedicated house manager genuinely understands the power of addiction and the road to recovery first hand. Therefore, our primary focus is one of preventing relapse. Armed with the knowledge that, in recovery, individuals will often relapse several times prior to fully recovering, we provide the help and support necessary when such set-backs occur.



Each sober living house has a different set of rules, with the most prevalent and common rule is the requirement for all residents to maintain sobriety. When a resident moves in, they agree to the set of rules that we have established. Violation of the rules can result in repercussions ranging from a restriction in privileges to being discharged from the house.

The rules are set up as a means to promote responsibility, accountability and a safe environment for all residents.



Tranquil Oaks Sober Living provides encouragement and understanding for anyone who has a substance abuse addiction.

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